JEWELRY maintenance

A jewel, whatever its metal (silver, gold, platinum) must be maintained regularly.

If a worn garment must be washed, it is the same for a jewel.

The jewels are gradually covered with a very thin film that comes from perspiration, products put on the skin: soap, makeup cream, perfume ... as well as the primer of fabrics, products for bag cleaning,. ..

This film attracts dust that will be deposited in the hollows of jewelry.

If, this darkens the jewel this dust also acts as a powerful abrasive and wears the metal.

So, remove your jewelry at night and when you go to the hairdresser. Do not put a product on your jewelry: lacquer, perfume, etc ...

When you do not wear your jewelry, put them well in a closed box: they oxidize in the air.


Jewelery should be cleaned once a week.

Dip the jewel a few seconds into a silver product: such as "Hagerty".

Then, under warm water, brush especially in the hollow, rinse thoroughly under running water, dry this jewel in a dry and absorbent fabric.

If you have not regularly maintained your jewel, repeat this operation 2 or 3 times.