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timperman creations

Belgian creations

marianne timperman, after a varied career:

human resources .... creation of fabrics .... patron of a discotheque .... then an art gallery ....

has been creating jewelry since 1997.

marianne timperman, the early years, used as bases of her jewelry, mainly in silver, ancestral techniques such as filigree and granulation, which she designates in a contemporary style.


Currently, Marianne Timperman creates, more, jewels with stones and natural pearls, always unique pieces, with games of colors and shapes .....


marianne timperman had for 17 years a store in the street creators of the center of Brussels, rue Antoine Dansaert. Currently, she opens her showroom a few days a month and has some points of sale, such as the Brussels Fashion and Lace Museum.

This museum has purchased, for their collection, 3 sets created by marianne timperman, jewelry with matching clothes.


marianne timperman creates and works with her daughter, Valérie.