Jewelry created for you

marianne timperman works and creates with her daughter Valérie.

We create timeless jewelry by combining traditional techniques or handmade pieces in a contemporary design…..

We create timeless jewelry by combining in a contemporary design old techniques such as granulation, filigree … or on the basis of a thread that intertwines ….

Our jewels are in silver, with in some collections, natural stones and / or real pearls. We can make them in 18k gold.

We also create for you: a jewel according to your life, your desire … your dream …..

We also give new life to your jewelry….

Made in Belgium, handmade, authentic know-how … Made in Belgium

marianne timperman, the designer


always !

Always there for our customers


For an exceptional event, an exceptional jewel

Birthdays, weddings, births …..

…. pour faire plaisir….

…. pour se faire plaisir…..

Nous vous écoutons et traduisons en bijoux vos idées, vos envies……

Nous vous aidons à donner un souvenir à chaque événement 


before / after

we give a second life to your jewelry !